Music by Kirk O'Riordan

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Compositions by year composed


Sky Fires for Chamber Orchestra
     (commissioned by the Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School Chamber Orchestra)
The Long Art of Lingering for SATB Chorus
Superconductor An album of eight classically influenced pop songs for synthesizers
      Track List:
          Shiny Sea Glass
Four Beautiful Songs for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, and Piano
Prayer Stones for Viola and Piano
     (for Michael Hall, viola and Holly Roadfeldt, piano)
Incidental Music from "Metamorphoses" for Alto Saxophone and Playback
     (for the Lafayette College Department of Theater)
Shades for Fixed Media and iTunes Visualizer


Shiki (The Four Seasons) for Taiko and Wind Ensemble
     (for the Lafayette College Percussion Ensemble and Concert Band)
Nosferatu Score for the film: for chamber ensemble and electronics.
     (Composed in collaboration with LCCME)
Somewhere I have Never Traveled for Alto Saxophone and Playback
gretchen for Synthesizers and Playback
Flare for Marimba and Synthesizers
     (an improvisatory collaboration with Larry Stockton)
Orbits for Ukulele, Guitar, iPad, and Synthesizers
     (an improvisatory collaboration with Jorge Torres)
planet nine for Alto Saxophone and Live Processing


Time Lapses for Chamber Ensemble
Texture Study #1 for Fixed Media)
The Masque of Edgar Allan Poe (Libretto by Lee Upton)
deep sea for EWI, Synthesizers, and Fixed Media
Arpeggiator for Synthesizers, iPad, and Fixed Media
1.1 Trance for Synthesizers and Fixed Media (revised and adapted for live performance)
Iris for Wind Ensemble (rev.)


Twenty-Six Preludes for Solo Piano
Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra
As In Evening Silence for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet
1.1 Trance for Fixed Media


Distant Light for Alto Saxophone, Percussion, and Fixed Media
Iris for Wind Ensemble
Inaugural Fanfare for Brass and Percussion
Waking Spirits for Solo Percussion
beepdotlineslashcurve for Fixed Media
Rêverie for Fixed Media
Groovecloud for Fixed Media
Music for Lines and Spaces for Fixed Media
Third Improvisation for Fixed Media


Gone for Chamber Ensemble
Autumn Winds for Voice and Piano (text by Matsuo Basho)
A Strange Flower for Birds and Butterflies for Clarinet, Violoncello, and Piano
Four Hypnotic Dances for Solo Guitar
Night of Summer Stars for Percussion Ensemble and Dancers
On Vincent's Swirling Skies for Wind Ensemble


Leonardo's Sketchbook for Flute and Alto Saxophone
In Passing for Chamber Orchestra
Lacrimosa for Solo Piano
Ulysses for Violin and Piano
Dying Light for Alto Saxophone and Piano
     (transcribed from the original Cello and Piano)
Two Studies after Seurat for Woodwind Quintet
Mantra for Chamber Ensemble
Tangents for Solo Marimba


Dance Music from The Red Shoes for Chamber Ensemble
Two Studies after Seurat for Woodwind Quintet
The Hanging Gardens for Wind Ensemble
Humming Spheres for Two Pianos
String Quartet
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in Memoriam Jonathan Briley, The Falling Man
Quarry Songs (rev.)


Five Dreams for Five Players
Sonata rapsodica for Clarinet and Piano
Ductus figuratus for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Ensemble (rev.)
Quintet for Reeds
I've Chased the Shouting Wind (rev.) for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano
Moments once remembered for Sopranino Saxophone and Guitar


Lux aeterna for Women's Chorus
Water Lilies for Solo Piano (rev.)
Ductus figuratus (orig.)
Will o' the Wisp for Solo Flute
Jericho for Brass and Percussion
Four Interludes for One Hand for Solo Piano (Withdrawn)
Quarry Songs for Flute, Cello, and Piano
Canticles (rev.) for Saxophone Quartet


That Dream Where You're Running for Solo Cello
Psalm 46 for Chorus
Ostinati (rev.) for Soprano Saxophone, Violin, and Piano


Gaudete for Chorus and Organ
Wedding Dances for Solo Piano (Withdrawn)
Cadenza for Piano Trio
Concerto for Piano Trio and Orchestra
Return, forgotten for Cello Ensemble
Pressing forward, pushing back for Flute and Piano


River Lights for Orchestra
Bergstresser Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano
Filament for Wind Ensemble (Withdrawn)


Dying Light for Cello and Piano


River Lights for Woodwind Quintet
I've Chased the Shouting Wind (orig.)
Desert Variations for Orchestra (Withdrawn)


Three Pieces for Solo Piano
Spirit Dances for Flute and Percussion
Tarantella for Orchestra (Withdrawn)
Conspiracy Theory for Soloist and Recorded Electronics


Water Lilies for Orchestra
Ostinati (orig.)
Ah, dearest love for Voice and Piano (Withdrawn)


Water Lilies for Solo Piano (orig.)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano


Water Lilies for 15 Solo Winds


Faust Waltzes for Solo Piano (Withdrawn)


Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra


Longings for Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone
Canticles for Saxophone Quartet

1994 and earlier

From out of the Dark, Dark Earth for Viola and Tape (Withdrawn)
Rebirth: Thoughts on Christ's Return for Chorus (Withdrawn)
Scenes from Macbeth for Saxophone Quartet
there was life here... for Seven Percussionists
Pilgrimage for Solo Alto Saxophone (1993)
Cathedral for Alto Saxophone and Organ (1993)
Cybertribal for Electronics (1992)