Kirk O'Riordan’s music has been referred to as “unapologetically beautiful” and is often praised for its uniquely “visual” qualities that depict a wide range of striking moods. His music has been performed in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, and Russia; and in thirty of the fifty United States. Recordings of his works appear on the Ravello, Centaur, ERM-Media and EnF labels, and feature performances by Lawrence Stomberg, Marianne Gythfeldt, Holly Roadfeldt, and Frederick L. Hemke. In 2009 Dr. O'Riordan joined the faculty of Lafayette College where he serves as Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands, teaching courses in music theory, and composition and conducts The Lafayette College Concert Band. Kirk studied composition with Rodney Rogers, Randall Shinn, James De Mars, Glenn Hackbarth, Burton Beerman, and Marilyn Shrude. He has studied saxophone with Frederick L. Hemke, John Sampen, and Eugene Rousseau.


Superconductor is now available from Bandcamp.com. Go here to download the album!

Maestro is the pop music voice of classical composer Kirk O’Riordan. The music combines contemporary classical composition techniques and styles (minimalism, serialism, etc.) with elements of 80’s -era synth pop. Imagine Kraftwork, Depeche Mode, Steve Reich, and Debussy in a blender, poured over 70’s-style Yes.
The debut release, Superconductor, is comprised of seven long-form (7-10 minute) songs that reflect these various influences. The album blurs the lines between classical and popular music in brand new ways.




I was recently a guest on Anthony Lanman's 1 Track Podcast This is a tremendous podcast...check out my episode and episodes with a lot of other great composers and performers (Holly Roadfeldt has one too...check that one out!)

Sky Fires will be premiered by the Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School Chamber Orchestra, Steve Cocchiola, conductor, on May 17. This is the orchestra's first commissioned work! This was my high school orchestra, so I am especially happy to have written the work for them. Check back soon for more info.

Kirk will perform Somewhere I have Never Traveled at the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. The conference will be held March 8-11, 2018. Check back soon for more info!

Temptation for Solo Bassoon is on the 2018 IDRS Gillet-Fox Competition repertoire list! Thank you to all of the great young bassoonists who are going to be working on the piece for the competition. More information here.

For information on the piece, including retailers who are carrying the score, please go here.

The Masque of Edgar Allan Poe
University of Delaware Opera Theater
More information here.

Performance Video and more information can be found here.

Kirk's Compositions

“The Six works on ‘Strange Flowers’ reveal a composer for whom imagery is a defining inspiration. Each of the pieces -- beautifully played -- has a title that establishes a mood or a particular emotional world. O’Riordan is a deeply sensitive composer who savours going gently into the night.”

--Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone Magazine (April 2014)

"Kirk O’Riordan’s Twenty-six Preludes for Piano composed for his wife and pianist, Holly Roadfeldt, are similarly atmospheric and proceed to unfold like a magical tapestry. Each of the 26 Preludes seemingly comprising of warp and weft forming a myriad of pixels of little pictures that ultimately combines to form a moveable feast for both eye and inner ear. O’Riordan’s miniatures are informed by languorous beauty and profundity, the lyrical variations of each often feature elaborate embellishments, as well as sudden dissonant figurations that seem to mimic the gravity-defying leaps of the gazelle, and even – in No. 21, a certain darkness. However, a gossamer-like filament links each of the preludes and O’Riordan seems to revel in boundless invention, wide expressive range, technical challenges and intellectual cachet."

--Raul da Gama, World Music Report (March 2017)

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